About Us

This internship is designed to help you learn how to manage and own your own salon. No matter your experience level, we provide you with the roadmap to career success & a simple blueprint for salon ownership.

Our owner and instructor, Dezi Chrishon, has 13 plus years of experience in the field of natural hair care and braiding. She is also well versed in healthy hair growth and hair restoration as a certified Cranial Prosthesis Specialist. Her love for hair began in high school and grew exponentially from there! 

Our company started out as a "side hustle" operation around PT and eventually FT corporate work. Dezi's business experience stems from her many corporate customer service, sales and management roles. These skill sets enabled her to quickly gain and retain more clients when she took "the leap". 

In Feb 2019, this line of work became a full time focus for our owner. Business quickly grew as a result of hard work, humility & positive word of mouth. After a successful first year of turning a profit, our business structure was incorporated into an LLC. Shortly after, she opened her first salon, Diamond Venom Braiding Studio, in 2020. Her success inspired her to pay it forward. Dezi 's passion for small businesses in Richmond led her to convert her salon into a beauty school & marketing academy to help future professionals.

Dezi continued to pursue excellence in her career by returning to beauty school after opening and operating a successful braiding salon in 2020. On the weekends she still taught braiding classes. She hustled and fought her way through beauty school while maintaining a ft schedule with the salon after school. Completing cosmetology school fueled her passion for beauty even more. Dezi aced her theory and practical exams; successfully becoming a Fully Licensed Cosmetologist!